• Espresso Steepfuze CBD Coffee

Espresso Steepfuze CBD Coffee


Espresso CBD Coffee, 12 oz – 120 mg

Steepfuze Coffee introduced a lower CBD infusion for people that still would like the benefits of Cannabidiol, just at smaller doses. Or those we can relate especially well to, the perpetual coffee drinker…

he Espresso Blend combines three of our favorite coffees: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe for its smooth texture and crisp taste, Tanzanian Peaberry for a fuller body and a bolder cup, and Guatemalan Antigua for its sweetness. The beans are roasted and custom blended by blind Master Coffee Roaster, Gerry Leary, and then infused with 120 mg of full-spectrum CBD per 12 oz bag. The result is a rich and complex espresso with hints of citrus, blackberry, and nuts, complemented by a smooth dark chocolate finish.

Note: The Ground Option for the Espresso CBD Coffee is a fine espresso grind.



Origins: Ethiopia, Tanzania, Guatemala

Regions: Yirgacheffe, Kilimanjaro Peaberry, Antigua

Grade: AA

Tasting Notes: Hints of citrus, blackberry, nuts and dark chocolate.

Roast: Full City (Medium)

Process: Washed



Origin: Colorado

Region: Longmont

Hemp Strain: Wife

Terpene Profile: Beta Caryophyllene, Humulene, Myrcene

Tasting Notes: A sweet, earthy flavor pervades this extract with overtones of black pepper and subtle notes of cherry.

Extraction Method: CO2

Strength: 1 mg CBD per 3 gram of coffee



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