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Kim in Denver, CO

I absolutely love both the cocoa butter and the peppermint lotions. I am positive that my laugh lines, lip lines and neck wrinkles are nearly half as bad as they were in just a weeks time. I've been using it twice a day and it's really showing some amazing results. Also, I hurt my back taking the Christmas tree out, so started using the peppermint on the sore spots and it's already nearly 100% better. Additionally, it has stopped my leg tremors and hip pain at night so much that I have eliminated a medication completely. Thought you would want to know.


Rebecca in the Midwest

After being diagnosed with melanoma cancer, I've used the cream a couple of times and it's great! Works beautifully on body aches.


Shana in Northport, NY

I've used both the rose scented passion cream and the peppermint cream for pain relief in my back. The pain relief was nearly immediate I was blown away how fast it was! The scents are very nice and the creams absorb nicely into the skin. They are also quite thick, so a little can go a long way in my experience. My husband has also used the creams on his calves and he has been very happy with the pain relief there as well. Highly recommend!


Joan in Long Island, NY

Miracle in a Jar: ArenaLife Rose and Peppermint Creams
As a result of doctor-prescribed steroids I had major irritation and burning on my skin. One application of ArenaLife creams instantly alleviated the pain and dryness. Subsequent applications—just a little applied every few hours over the following days—healed my skin entirely. 
The Rose Body cream made my skin glow! I used it as a moisturizer base, and could not believe the results. These are fabulously rich and effective products that relieve tension, ease muscle pain, soothe and heal skin irritations, and, yes, make your cheeks glow. Highly highly recommend. 
The Peppermint Pain relief cream worked to banish my headaches! I was amazed. Will continue to use this product and I highly recommend. 


ArenaLife Tinctures
Having been diagnosed with cancer, I immediately began taking ArenaLife Tinctures (with my doctors’ blessings). I take both the Lemon and the Vanilla Mint (my favorite)—one mid-morning and one before bed. They do not produce a “high; rather, they do seem to invite relaxation and a positive mood. My tumors have diminished since I began taking ArenaLife Tinctures. Coincidence? I have no idea. 


ArenaLife Roll-Ons
I carry the ArenaLife Roll-ons wherever I go. The lavender has a beautiful and subtle scent that banishes tension from the air (just roll a little on your wrists and on the back of your neck). The peppermint works wonders for headaches (just roll a little on your temples) and for a stiff neck as well.  Only need just a little, mind you.  Works great! 


ArenaLife Candle-Wax Relief! 
The candle miracle is perhaps the toughest banisher of sore skin and muscle pain. I have the beautifully-scented vanilla and hibiscus candle. Just light the candle and let it burn for five minutes or so. As the wax melts, pick up a little of the wax with your fingertips and massage it into your skin. You don’t need much of this product; it’s extremely rich and gloriously scented. It worked wonders for me.