Challenges of making the perfect tincture

We pride ourselves on using only all natural, organic, non-gmo flavors. Natural flavors are often sensitive to changes in environment including, but not limited to: processing temperature, storage temperature, UV light exposure and humidity. 


Very often the production of these flavors by plants is variable from plant to plant and growing season to growing season. Because we use only all natural flavorings, there is going to be slight variations in the flavors and pigments associated with each flavor as they are extracted and packaged for sale. There will be slight variations from batch to batch. 


Very often, some natural pigments are extracted in the process of extracting the flavors. Some flavors when extracted can also be sensitive to light and or heat when processed or stored. A classic example is the use of vanilla extract combined with sulfuric acid to develop thin layer chromatography plates used in qualitative chemical analysis. The vanilla extract sulfuric acid mixture combines with certain chemicals when lightly heated to produce colors ranging from red to purple with yellow and orange often present. 


The yellow and orange pigments associated with fruits, flowers and vegetables are called caratenoids and are often present in natural flavorings. The red and purple and blue pigments are called anthocyanins. Some caratenoids are photosensitive and may change color slightly when heated or stored at different temperatures.  There is also a question of lighting in the ambient environment, halogen overhead lights will appear more "white" rather than some of the "soft white" incandescent or compact fluorescent lighting that can effect the appearance of some liquids especially when stored in clear containers.


The color change is a result of our conscious decision to use all natural, organic, non-gmo flavorings and is nothing to worry about. It DOES NOT indicate degradation or breakdown of CBD in solution and is no cause for concern. 

Aaron Sumner, M.Sc.

Sr. Dir., Research & Engineering

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